Living among cushions

Transcend the limits of reality with 'Inhabiting between cushions', an immersive experience that will redefine your perception of reality.

Explore the expansion of reality through 'Inhabiting between cushions', a sensory journey that redefines your awareness of the present.

Javeriana University and RecLab

Discover the border between the real and the imaginary in 'Inhabiting between cushions'.

In the fascinating realm of virtual reality, where the boundaries between the tangible and the digital are blurred, a revolutionary project emerges that redefines our connection with digital space: "Inhabiting between cushions". This experience embodies the fusion of the somatic and the technological, inviting viewers to explore their own body and to get to know the space, as the new universe into which they are launched. By immersing themselves in a challenging virtual environment, participants are immersed in a sensory journey that pushes them to rediscover their essence and explore the environment without distinctions between the real and the imaginary.


An Unprecedented Virtual Journey:

Imagine walking, jumping, relaxing, meditating and discovering hidden spaces in a virtual world that reflects the fruits of four years of intense research, reflection and experimentation. This ambitious virtual reality experience, conceived during my university career, materializes in a vast 400 m2 space. Here, imagination is intertwined with thermal, sound, environmental and confidence sensations, challenging the user from the first step in a space that challenges from the first exploration.


Reflections on the Creation Process:

From an initial exhibition of the project during the school term, the work was nurtured by the comments of the exhibition participants, who were teachers, administrators, students and exhibition walkers, who came across the work. It became evident that the initial 80 m2 space was limited, as people wanted to explore without restrictions. The space expanded, allowing people to walk outside, go up and down stairs, and even use elevators. New questions arose about the essence of the work and what kind of people it was designed for.

This generated new approaches to accessibility and the definition of space, as well as for whom these devices were designed. We sought that people with motor, visual or hearing difficulties could immerse themselves in these spaces and receive a similar experience of meditation or introduction to processes of presence.

Praise and Recognition:

In my participation in the 5th Art and Design Project Lab, I received praise and enriching comments from prominent professors. José Guerra, from PUC (Chile), praised the unique and surprising approach related to the connection with the body, highlighting the therapeutic potential of the approach. Gianine Tabja, PUCP (Peru), intrigued by the intuitive and sensory creation of the color palette, asked how I developed the palette for the virtual spaces, considering the emotional and sensory impact. General comments expressed admiration for the innovative and impactful nature of my virtual reality projects, recognizing their therapeutic and meditative potential.

Is virtual reality merely an escape or a passage to the expansion of human consciousness?

Is virtual reality merely an escape or a passage to the expansion of human consciousness?

Is virtual reality merely an escape or a passage to the expansion of human consciousness?

Is virtual reality merely an escape or a passage to the expansion of human consciousness?


'Dwelling between cushions' opened up a path of exploration for me into the future.

The project "Inhabiting between cushions" proposes a unique intersection between art, virtual reality and spirituality. My projects transcend conventional boundaries, challenging the artistic and experiential limits of virtual spaces. Attendees appreciate the provocative nature of my work, recognizing its potential for therapeutic and transformative experiences. This project marks a milestone in my career as a researcher and creator in virtual reality. Its four-year development, from idea conception to materialization, reflects dedication and deep introspection. This process of inhabiting between cushions allowed me to explore the body in the present moment, being the first step towards new projects where I seek to immerse people in the body of other individuals in climatic situations, exploring other processes of creating digital narratives. My desire is to continue contributing with my knowledge and experience, surprising the audience with new and exciting immersive experiences in the future. I aspire to continue exploring the world of virtual reality and take this technology to new heights, leaving a mark on future generations.

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